Apr 29, 2011

Finding Hidden Treasures in Familiar Shadows

Life can sometimes seem drab and boring, especially if you're stuck in the same routine.  I wanted to show a slice of my life, my routine, and to explore what the fantastic treasures are hidden in my familiar shadows by documenting my typical surf trip to El Porto.

I generally run out of class at 3PM every day, strap on my backpack halfway out the door, and slam on the gas right when I get in my car.  It's surf time, baby.  On the way from LMU, of course, you pass the seemingly inescapable stream of planes.  It just so happens that the road to El Porto runs a few steps from the west-most runway at LAX.

Aptly named plane, heading for the horizon.  The beginning of a once impossible journey.

Though perhaps a bit more mundane than that of the plane's, as we continue on our journey we can appreciate the little things: Money Suckers.  I have my parking secrets to avoid these, but those are somewhat privileged. 

Money Suckers

The unfortunate reality is that we live in LA, and even at one of the most beautiful places in the city, people litter.  My philosophy: make the most of what you've got. 

Directiona Pacifico

Some of us use mother nature to our advantage, and reap the rewards that she offers.  In this boy's case: fish.  There's something strangely refreshing about seeing how we used to sustain ourselves, and how this practice is still used in our lives.  Who said us Americans are lazy?

Wary Fisher(boy)

... and his father, packing up after a fishful afternoon

Though some come to the beach seeking to take, others come in search of harmony. 

The Search for Harmony

The most spiritual that I get is in the water.  I get a profound sense of 'oneness' with the ocean and with nature when I'm surfing, and nothing quite compares.  It must be something about using and being completely reliant upon a natural medium in harmony with your own body.  Not only are waves used for  your initial propulsion, but your entire ride is completely determined by the decisions the ocean makes.



  1. The money suckers comment/pic made me lolz...

  2. Haha it's true! Amazing the parking system LA has rigged to drain our pockets...