Apr 28, 2011

Last Convo of the Year at LMU

Today was the last convo of the year at LMU, and the last ever for the graduating seniors.  I armed myself with my newly purchased camera and prepared for battle.  Here are the results...

The ever-fierce Greg Eshom

The oh-so-elegant Ben Lasseter

The stylish Kevin Ma

Also, the Gracious Cassi Hoye.  Thanks for the gift.

Apart from an eclectic host of LMU students, Delta Zeta sorority set up a booth for tons of tie dying entertainment.  Needless to say, I was all over it.

The Culprits

The Crime

This is essentially what happens when you mix tie dye and Eli... sorry Jake, you're both blurred in the background and about to be grabbed (in no way representative of your role in my life).  Either way, this was great closure to an epic tie dye session and the last convo on the year.


  1. love the photos eli! thanks for the shot. perhaps you should try doing shots that are further out? just a thought ;-)

  2. hey. this is really cool. Will you make me a shirt?

  3. Thank you! I like the tight, full-frame shots. I had another one of you that was a little bit farther out but I didn't like it as much.

    And Anonymous, yes I will.