Nov 30, 2012

Wideroe - Grandpa's magic trick - english version

A touching ad for Norwegian Airline, Wideroe.  A boy begs his grandfather to show him a magic trick.

Old Milwaukee | Field Cut Off | Will Ferrell

One of the funniest commercials I have ever seen.  It ran during the Super Bowl in the 2nd smallest TV market in the United States (the media buy cost only $1,500 as opposed to the millions it cost in the top markets).  Will Smith's comedic genius as well as great creative work lend themselves to make this greatness.

AXE Susan Glenn Commercial

A great ad that shows Axe's change of tone.  Susan Glenn Axe commercial.

Flooded Wood Chip Park in Carmel

Flooded Wood Chip Park in Carmel.  Time to water ski?

‘Tis the Season for Shopping [infographic]

One of the shopping trends I can relate to in today’s infographic is online shopping. With 43% of shoppers expected to spend as much online as in-store the cyber-sales may start to really chip away at brick-and-mortar sales. I know I will probably spend more online this year than in store. It is just easier, and with discounts over 40% happening at many retailers’ online stores, the deals are hard to pass up.

Mobile media has also changed the holiday shopping game. With ipads and smartphones, people can price check items in real-time at the store. They can compare prices to every single online retailer and usually can find something cheaper.

During a slow-to-recover economy, holiday shopping can be a huge burden on shoppers shoulders. Finding the right gift for the right price can be exceptionally challenging. Hopefully today’s infographic can help you pick out the right stuff. [KeltonGlobal]


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Vehicle Theft [infographic]

I’ve been lucky when it comes to theft so far in my life. Besides a stolen ipod here or there, I’ve never experienced a real theft from my car or my home. The town I live in now is relatively small and doesn’t have too much crime. Its nice to never feel threatened when walking in dark alleys late at night or thinking my window will be smashed in every night.

Although I’ve been lucky, a look at today’s infographic shows a lot of people haven’t. I’ve always heard that Honda Accords and Civics were the most stolen cars in America. I never knew why, but I have a hunch it is because of just how easy the steal would be. Small cheap cars usually don’t have expensive anti-theft systems and because so many people have them, learning the tricks of hot-wiring the vehicle may not be so difficult.

After market alarms and tracking systems are the best way to keep a vehicle safe. Investing in those safety measures can saves thousands of dollars down the road. [DandLock]

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Nov 28, 2012

Absinthe at 1833 Restaurant

Absinthe at 1833 Restaurant

Your Technology is Keeping You Awake [Infographic]

It’s getting to that time of the year where we realize procrastination has gotten the best of us and we need to cram for all of the finals that we have. Be warned though, late-night screen staring can seriously mess with your sleep cycle! Whether it’s late night study session or just a night-cap Netflix episode or Facebook statuses to fall asleep to, looking at a computer screen shortly before bed could be very unhealthy. In fact, the act of checking texts, emailing, Facebooking, or anything else on the web before bed has become a habit for over 95% of survey participants! This probably includes you too.

How do all of these things keep you from a good night’s sleep you ask? Well for one thing, when your mind is obsessed with checking messages constantly, it can effect your head – one in two people say that if they wake in the night for no reason, they’ll check their phone right away. But what about my netflix? Surely Netflix before bed can’t be too bad right? Well, the fact is that two-hour exposure to light from electronic displays suppresses melatonin by 22%! This doesn’t just affect your sleep but also stress and depressive symptoms. Consider using flux to dim that electronic display or just make a conscious effort not to use your computer too close to bed-time!


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Nov 27, 2012

Sys Admins Revealed! [infographic]

Have you every wondered about the faces behind the IT department? Who fixes your computer and keeps your work day running smoothly. Today’s infographic gives you the inside scoop on some of the handiest employees at your company. Solarwinds conducted a study, revealing the ins and outs of a typical systems administrator.

There are many quirky facts noted in today’s infographic. Did you know that the majority of systems administrators are PC users, Android users and love Batman. They like to hang with friends and family, play Call of Duty on Xbox and drink beer.

Additionally, there are some work struggles facing systems administrators. 22% feel they are paid too little and 16% are concerned about their increasing workload. Fortunately, those going into the industry find satisfaction in helping others and problem solving, so the benefits often outweigh the cons. Are you a systems administrator? Do you agree with the findings? We would love to know! [Via]


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Nov 26, 2012

Gabriel Medina Surfing Backflip

Gabriel Medina Surfing Backflip

I've got to say, it's a pretty slow day out there on the Internet coming off of Thanksgiving and with Black Friday in full swing. So how about I give you all (and myself) a little jolt of visual espresso in the form of a sweet backflip-while-surfing stunt in the video above.

The quick, but very impressive trick was performed and posted by Brazilian surfer, Gabriel Medina (with some dubstep music from Skrillex to up the ante of the clip).

Source: CBS News

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Diabetes by the Numbers [Infographic]

We Americans love our sweets, that’s a fact. There are hundreds of varieties of candies and cakes out there; enough to satisfy even the largest of sweet-tooths (you can even get fried Coca-Cola at some county fairs! Fried soda!). Though we do love these treats, there should be general restraint used. That’s not to say they should be cut out entirely; eating sweets in limited quantity every once in awhile might not be so bad, but it’s once you start habitually over-consuming that the problems can occur. One of the (obvious) unintended consequences of this sugar over-consumption is the toll that can be taken on your health, specifically in the form of diabetes.

Today’s infographic from gives us an overview of Americans with diabetes. According to the graphic, more than 8% of the U.S. population has diabetes. While that might not seem like a huge percentage, it still equals out to around 28 million people who are afflicted! Diabetes is also a leading cause of limb amputation, but with comprehensive foot care programs the number of limbs lost could be reduced drastically.

For more information on diabetes in America refer to the infographic below. [Via]

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