Apr 21, 2011

Where it all started

I’ve never been particularly egotistical.  Sure, I project a pseudo-cocky, overly self-engaged personality, but I’ve never considered myself to be interesting enough for people to want to hear about.  This is primarily why I’ve chosen not to write a blog, despite loving and incessant encouragement from my mother (a Yale graduate) who is a retired psychologist and currently enrolled in both a fashion and blogging class at her local community college. 

After a two-hour car ride that consisted of her explaining to me how much fun it is to discover your niche online and to reach people all over the world with your passionate ramblings about this and that I decided it was time for me to embark on the journey, so here I am.  My topic of conversation: my quest for happiness.  If you care to join me on this quest, which will hopefully be at least mildly beneficial to both you and I, please feel free to share your thoughts about anything including but not limited to my annoying and bad jokes (trust me, you’ll get a bunch- and no, you won’t think they’re funny, at least not in the manner they were intended to be funny). 

My prime focus of this blog, will be my unsurpassable inability to make big, life-changing decisions, particularly related to my career path.  I have no clue where this blog will take us so stay tuned! Thanks for coming aboard, and enjoy the ride.

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