Apr 25, 2011

I thought that movies were real life until I tried

Why did Mike Lavigna make me watch the new Wall Street?  Whatever reason lay behind the seemingly innocent act held dire and unforeseen consequences.  Michael Douglas’s character was my idol; he was engrossed in his work, fraternizing with the high and mighty, and bathing in dough.  I was going through the phase of my life where I thought I wanted an Aston Martin, a Ferrari, and an Audi R8 at my 2nd home in Barcelona (I’m over that phase).

For those who haven’t seen the movie, Michael Douglas and Shia Lebeouf are mega-wealthy investment bankers whose jobs are more than just a career: they live investment banking.  There is all sorts of excitement in their lives; they are constantly faced with pressure to sign on with a competing company or to purposely sink the stock price of a pesky businessman.  Needless to say, it was enthralling and I fell in love (déjà vu) with the idea of Investment Banking and finance. 

I hadn’t truly considered the more technical, money-oriented path until my mother’s friend Susan came over to my parents’ house while I was home for break in Carmel.  She worked for KPMG and after giving her the rendition of my Wall Street experience and the wisdom it seemed to impart to me she thought that Economics would be a perfect major for me.  She gave me a dozen copies of The Economist to read, and suggested that I read Freakonomics.  After flipping through the first few magazines, I was sold.  I started looking for finance and economics-related internships immediately after I submitted my “Addition of Major” form to the Registrar’s office.  Not even a week after I had submitted the form, I regretted the decision.  What would truly make me happy?  I knew it wasn’t economics.  Thanks a lot, Wall Street.  


  1. uhhh Martin Sheen? Try MICHAEL DOUGLAS! Love you eli.


  2. This is the greatest work of literature I have ever laid my eyes upon. thank you for this glorious revelation of words to art. i am astounded by the aspects of your work and seek to fund your future blogs with a new website and much heroin. Thank you for this Eli…words can never describe what you have done for me today….
    Money Bags McRichton

  3. I enjoy your honesty. The options available to you right now,can be overwhelming. Take it slow. What year are you? That makes a difference. Pursue what fulfills you most.

    Even if the degree you get ends up not what you want, you can later get a Masters in a different field and move in that direction. Thanks for dropping by my place.

    You write well. My roomates in college were from Carmel. Have a terrific Tuesday.

  4. Paul, thanks for the correction- Michael Douglas it is!

    Money Bag, I don't know how I'm going to move all that heroin so maybe we could use something less illicit.

    Paul #2, I think you're right, graduate school inevitably waits unless a miracle happens. I'm a junior now. Who were your roommates from college? I know it sounds ridiculous but Carmel is a TINY place and I might actually know them!


  5. It's been ages ago; I don't remember their names. There were three roomates, all from Carmel. One fellow was Armenian. He had a long birth rash on his arm. His name may have been Ron or Rob, and his last name was something like Janishian (I'm guessing about how he spelled his name).

    They would go home on weekends. I can see why: it's a lovely town. I had a conversation with Eastwood, awhile ago, when he was mayor. He was pleasant, but shy, in his taciturn way.

    The roommates went to U.C. Berkeley with me.

    I am familiar with Yankee Point Drive. You know where that is? I used to go to a private beach, off of that street. Now it's gated. I'd take my family to the Lime Kiln Creek campgrounds. You've been there?

  6. Eli you've got talent and a strong work ethic and seem to be able to do anything you put your mind to. You should not just think that your major and resume are going to shape every inch of your future as you don't know who you'll meet or what you'll be involved in just a few years out of college. Really our major only counts for our first few steps out the door and then it's useless unless we want to spend half our lives in a grad/law/med school.
    The real world is looking for people that are reliable and can make decisions fast and accomplish tasks with excellence. A major simply can't tell that about a person. I feel that if you just maintain that habit of giving it your all and working hard to make something work, the rest will come to you.

    Keep it up buddy. Don't stress to hard on just one point in your life when the rest is yet to be discovered.


  7. Eli, that Hollywood schlock is so make believe....the world is even nastier than that, so Economics is the perfect escape! I was proud to be the instigator of your interest in the "imperfect science"...... ;)


  8. Paul, yeah I definitely know where Yankee Point Drive is. That's in the Carmel Highlands; absolutely beautiful. I don't know where Lime Kiln Creek is, is that a campground in Big Sur? I love Big Sur as well... Amazing how small this world really is!

    Jack, great comment; thank you so much for your insight and encouragement. I agree with a lot of what you've said, and I know you'll do great things!

    Susan, let's see where Economics takes me (if it takes me anywhere at all!) and thanks for being in my life and featured in my blog!