Apr 27, 2011

Animal Curation

To make sure they have complete collections, art galleries and museums have curators.  “We’re missing Starry Night, the Mona Lisa, and… uh… Scream.”  But who makes sure that zoos and other exhibitions of wildlife are comprehensive?

Imagine the discordance that would ensue if a zoo forgot the elephants.  They’re easy to overlook because elephants never get enough credit: tigers are more exotic, bears are fiercer, and wandering peacocks add a zoo’s necessary finesse.  By the end of the day, an exhausted zoo owner might overlook the silent giant, despite being one of the more sentimental and family-oriented animals in the kingdom.  I’ll tell you one thing though: the kid who watched Madagascar last night and is now parading around the zoo looking to complete his animal checklist definitely won’t forget the elephants. 

Thus, the idea came to me that the world is in need of animal curators (if they don’t already exist).  Not only would a curator make sure that an exhibit has a complete collection, he or she would also make sure that the best of the animal is chosen.  Sure, they’re selling a Chinese Long-Tailed Pangolin, but is it young?  Is it fit?  We can do better than this, Mr. Zoo Keeper, believe me.  


  1. omg eli! this is the best idea ever! you would be a fantastic animal curator! you can dooooo it! :)

  2. I recently started working at an aquarium and they do have biologists that individually select animals. They love it, you should look into it =)

  3. No kidding?! That sounds really interesting... What aquarium if you don't mind me asking? I bet the monterey bay aquarium has a curator...