Apr 26, 2011

Photography as inspired by a smelly art teacher

I’ve always been intrigued by photography.  Since I was little, I have been artistically inclined.  In pre-school I was always the one at my French-American school in San Francisco to stay after class to do some extra finger painting (everyone thought I was going to be the next Van Gough.  Shocker- that didn’t happen). 

My next major encounter with art wasn’t until high school with Ms. Bev, your typical bohemian, grass roots, all-natural art teacher.  To my knowledge she didn’t smell bad, but I doubt that she showered much, and it’s a pretty good bet she won’t ever read this blog.  If you do, sorry and you’re welcome for the honest observation.  Anyways, we did a number of projects in that class but two really stood out: my chalk drawing of John Cleese from Monte Python (my then-favorite comedy group) and an impressionist rendition of a print I found online: a sailboat on the ocean.  They were both highly sought after at the annual end-of-the-year art sale we had at Carmel High.  My Mom quickly purchased both.

It wasn’t until coming to college that I seriously considered photography.  I had been working over summer and had a little spare cash so I picked up a Canon 40D from craigslist.  As you guys know, I jump into things really quickly so this impulsive purchase (though a bit hard on my wallet) wasn’t out of the ordinary.  For the next few months I wandered around everywhere with the bulky camera around my neck.  My clever friends would sneer and say, “if you love your camera so much, why don’t you marry it?”  I told them I wasn’t ready for the commitment but I’d consider it in the future.  As if the protective photography Gods understood that I was not ready for monogamy with their precious daughter, a travesty occurred.  My Camera and all of my lenses were stolen from my car, leaving me hobby-less and with a shattered passenger-side car window.  So long, 40D.

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