Jun 21, 2011

Place Saint-Michel

The Place Saint-Michel is one of the most famous squares in the Latin Quarter of Paris.  It is home to the Fontaine Saint-Michel, and a number of other interesting attractions.  The Fountain took 5 years to build, and was the culmination of work by 9 individual sculptors working in collaboration.  Here it is...

Though much of the Place Saint-Michel is over-the-top crowded (especially at night), there are some calm and beautiful alleyways where the architecture and layout of the streets are exquisite.

Here, we have a famous bookstore in the Place Saint-Michel.  It is called Shakespeare And Company and was founded in 1919.  In those days, famous writers such as Hemingway and Ezra Pound would gather and hang out.  It's quite an amazing place with a whole lot of history...

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