Jun 20, 2011

Views of Notre Dame

The Notre Dame was one of my favorite attractions in Paris.  Top 10 reasons why, you ask?

1. It's gorgeous
2. It's in the city center on the Ile de la Cite
3. There are beautiful flowers and gardens around it
4. The inside and the outside are perfect examples of tall, regal gothic architecture
5. It's an old, old church 
6. It's in Paris
7. You can climb to the top

Okay, you get the idea.  The Notre Dame was, simply put, amazing.  From all angles, the church is a sight to behold.  It's such a nice place that the Paris government assigned armed military guards to patrol the premises all day long.  They wear green army outfits and carry medium-dog-sized submachine guns, true story.  I wanted to snap a picture of them, but I refrained for fear of being shot.

Here is a little taste of the Notre Dame and what's to come in future blogs. Enjoy...

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