Jun 22, 2011


I've decided to do this every couple of weeks.  I'm going to make a little post about what I've done in the past with links to the other posts so that those of you who are just joining or missed an episode can always go back and click on what interests you (especially for all of you lazy followers who don't want to scroll to the bottom and click the tabs about what was done previously! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!).  These, too, will be arranged alphabetically by subject so it's easy.  Hopefully this is something that is useful.  If so or if not, leave me a comment.

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Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe

Beverly Hills 

Eiffel Tower 

Griffith Observatory 

Lavigna Family 


LMU Last Convocation
Last Convo of the Year at LMU

Louvre Architecture
Nico's 21st Birthday 

Notre Dame 

Notre Dame 

Meditation on Finals Week 

Parisian Cuisine 

Place de Vosges 

Place Saint-Michel 

Point Lobos 

Sacre Coeur Inside 


Surf Trip to El Porto 

Versailles Gardens Amphitheater

Versailles Gardens Coliseum

Versailles Gardens Fountain

Versailles Gardens Fountain 

Versailles Holy Chapel 

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