Nov 30, 2012

‘Tis the Season for Shopping [infographic]

One of the shopping trends I can relate to in today’s infographic is online shopping. With 43% of shoppers expected to spend as much online as in-store the cyber-sales may start to really chip away at brick-and-mortar sales. I know I will probably spend more online this year than in store. It is just easier, and with discounts over 40% happening at many retailers’ online stores, the deals are hard to pass up.

Mobile media has also changed the holiday shopping game. With ipads and smartphones, people can price check items in real-time at the store. They can compare prices to every single online retailer and usually can find something cheaper.

During a slow-to-recover economy, holiday shopping can be a huge burden on shoppers shoulders. Finding the right gift for the right price can be exceptionally challenging. Hopefully today’s infographic can help you pick out the right stuff. [KeltonGlobal]


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