Nov 24, 2012

Hug Me, Jacket!

Ever feel lonely? Well, now shopping for clothes can be truly touching.

Hug Me Jacket
Hug Me Jacket
‘Hug Me’ Jacket: London College of Fashion grad Si Chan recently premiered a Fall/Winter menswear line that uses recurring hand imagery to express the concept of human connectedness. Aptly titled HUG ME, the collection aims to recreate the human embrace by strategically adorning coats, jackets, and pants with plush padded gloves. The line’s widely covered (and as-widely panned) Hug Me jacket takes this schema to the extreme, featuring a row of clasped green hands in place of the traditional button or zipper placket. Designed to make its wearer feel “warm and hugged,” the jacket will retail for approximately $1,200, making it pretty much the priciest hug we can imagine.

Like-A-Hug Vest
Like-A-Hug Vest
Like-A-Hug Vest: Subjects of Web Esteem, those people whose online popularity is irrevocably linked to their sense of self-worth, can now enjoy a real-world boost of confidence from the Like-A-Hug social media vest. Conceived by a team of MIT researchers in an attempt to make more tangible the warm and fuzzy feelings a Facebook like can generate, the vest is designed to inflate when its wearer receives a like, post, video, or photo on his or her Facebook Timeline. The vest simulates the pressure of a hug, letting the wearer know in real-time that they've been formally endorsed in their social sphere.

Source: Cassandra Daily

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