Nov 15, 2012

Music Innovation: Sound Graffiti Bob Dylan

Sound Graffiti Bob Dylan
Sound Graffiti Bob Dylan

Music has long served as an audio postcard that represents an indelible marker of time and place. And, with mobile devices now allowing listeners to access their favorite memories at any given moment, aural time capsules have become more widespread and geotagging apps that allow users to create a direct link between physical location and audio recordings are starting to flourish.

Sound Graffiti: Bob Dylan isn’t exactly considered a technology innovator—his first ever Facebook update, made last week on the occasion of President Obama’s victory, spurred a flurry of headlines. Despite his hesitancy to use social media, a recent promotion for his latest album, Tempest, demonstrates that his marketing team knows what’s up. Dylan hooked up with creative agency CNNCTD+’s Sound Graffiti app to let fans unlock free songs from the album when they visited various locations possessing special significance for him (including the venue where he first played electric guitar on stage). The geolocation technology can be accessed by iPhone users from

Source: Cassandra Daily

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