Nov 5, 2012

#Sandy Innovative Real-Time Relief

Despite significant hype from the media, few East Coast inhabitants were fully prepared for the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. While many people are still picking up the pieces, a number of commendable companies, brands, and organizations stepped up to provide assistance immediately, helping the (literally) powerless assemble a sense of normalcy while trying to put their lives back together.

twitter hurricane sandy helpTwitter Updates: Social media proved to be a vital communication tool during and after the storm. So, to be of utmost assistance, Twitter supplied free promoted crisis tweets to FEMA, the Red Cross, the New York City Mayor’s Office, and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency to keep users up-to-date on the storm’s happenings. Additionally, Twitter published a blog post hours before the storm with a list of recommended accounts to follow for real-time updates. For those who were at risk of losing power or Internet (many of whom ultimately did), Twitter explained how to receive vital updates via SMS, ultimately leaving few storm-affected tweeters in the dark.

Duracell Charging Station Hurricane SandyCharging Stations: Leading up to the storm, smartphone owners and tech enthusiasts were frantically trading tips on battery preservation. Inevitably, though, what most people still needed was a good old charge. Fittingly, Duracell took to New York’s Battery Park with its Power Forward Community Center, a power-relief center equipped with charging stations for mobile devices and phones, and computers with Internet access for those without. Mobile versions of the center, called Rapid Responders, were also sent into the streets of New York and New Jersey as needed. Time Warner Cable sent out a fleet of free Wi-Fi and charging stations as well.
duracell charging station hurricane sandy

Source: Cassandra Daily

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