May 26, 2011

Photos interdit en Sacre Coeur

Hello everyone! It has been a while, but I'm here in Paris and there's so much to show that I couldn't wait until I got home to post something on here. Granted, I don't have a computer so all my pictures and writing are coming from and being posted with my iPhone. In other words, the quality of my posts for the next few weeks won't compare to the quality you'll get when I can plug in my camera and get ahold of my photos.

Today I went to Sacre Coeur. Sacre Coeur, or Sacred Heart, is a beautiful landmark located on a hill, which happens to be the highest natural point in Paris. Sacre Coeur took nearly 40 years to complete. The foundations were laid in 1875 and it was not finished until 1914. Five different architects lived and died while working on designing the basillica.

Immediately upon entrance, a large sign reads "Photos Imterdit dans Sacre Coeur" which means there are no pictures allowed in the chapel. Of course, I managed to take some. Here's a little tease:

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