May 3, 2011


I've been focusing a lot on finding beauty in the mundane.  I was talking with Jeff King, and the subject of photography came up.  Great photographers, we agreed, see the world differently than most people.  A nod of the head– a tilt of the eye– they see and capture brief glimpses of magic that would pass by the unobservant without detection.

Now, I don't claim to be great, but I was inspired.  Why not try to make plain, ordinary objects and situations beautiful?  I went out to shoot a few photos...

To see beauty in the mundane is no easy feat.  It takes persistence and patience.  Find the best in what you've got– and if what you've got isn't enough– know that nothing is set in stone.


  1. Janet, it's always been so! I need photography tips from you, the professional!

    Collin, thank you! Hope you stop by more often. I like your blog as well.

  2. Good post. I enjoy your thoughtfulness. I haven't seen you at my place, lately. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for sharing your creativity---nice pictures.

  3. Thanks Paul, don't worry I've been keeping up with you! Hope all is well...