May 1, 2011

Frat Life

Beta Theta Pi: we’re known as friends, gentlemen, and scholars.  Fraternity is often a stigmatized term, but Beta is different… sort of. 

Frat Hat

It’s three o’clock and 81 degrees; the sun is beating down on our Manhattan Beach duplex, and we’ve got a keg in the back and a grill on the balcony.  Add 40 college men and the day is prime for fratting.  For those who are uninitiated into the world of fratting, it is formally defined as “As much a state of mind as an action: unambiguously displaying confidence, intelligence, wealth, style and class while maintaining a positive, lackadaisical, attitude.” One who truly frats hard never forgets the value of having a good time or the responsibilities to which he is obligated.

Frat Machine, Caleb Nyberg

Frat Shades, Jake Stephens

Today, we’re celebrating our graduating class at the senior BBQ.  An annual tradition, the senior BBQ marks the point where our seniors close one chapter of their lives in order to clear the way to open another.  We have burgers and ‘dogs roasting on the BBQ, just as each senior is being roasted by his brothers.  Though not as fiery, roasting in this sense is just as painful as in the traditional sense.  Each senior goes up one by one to the Beta spotlight, and each of us who has been affected by the graduating senior takes a turn telling embarrassing stories and sharing sentiments. 

In the midst of a devastating roast

Once the roasting flame goes out, we spend the rest of the time goofing around and having a good time.  The Beta spirit seems to be flowing free and stronger than ever at this point.  Truly Fratastic.

A silly Sean Christopher

Fratty Jack Jarvis enthusiastic about being in the limelight

…and his abnormally voluptuous glutes


  1. I can't agree with you on this Eli. First of all you opened with: fraternity is often a stigmatized term, frat isn't? In my opinion the word "frat" is associated with the negative stereotypes of the Greek system. I'm also slightly puzzled by the definition of "fratting"; in my mind intelligence, class, and meeting obligations are not associated with the "frat" or "fratting" connotation. I could be wrong, but to me someone in the Greek system who has fun in an intelligent, stylish, classy, and confident manner while remembering their obligations isn't a frat member, but a fraternity member.

  2. I agree with the last picture.

  3. Hey Tom, thanks for your comment! While I agree with some of what you've said, I think you're looking at it too locally. We're speaking from the perspective of someone who is or has been in Greek life and we're very closely associated with it. From the perspective of someone outside of Greek Life, fraternity tends to be a stigmatized term and 'frat' usually isn't even a part of their vocabulary. I would argue that fraternity and 'frat' are two names for the same thing, and both are perceived as the same thing to those who are unaffiliated.

    However, I agree that within Greek Life, Beta in particular, frat has been given a negative association. Of course, semantics isn't the purpose of this post.

    Jack, thank you.