May 2, 2011

A Minor Adjustment

It's time for my weekly dose of chiropractic care.  Every time I walk into Dr. Fecht's office, no matter how bad of a day I've had, I know I'm about to get a holistic fix and all of my bodily ailments will disappear.  The office is tucked away behind an old First Bank building, with an amazing view of the Marina.

The Office 

The View

You walk in, and are instantly greeted by Duke, the resident dog and most consistent doorman on the planet.  Nothing cheers you up more.

Duke the Doordog

Today, Duke wistfully enjoyed the view.

Doctor Fecht makes you feel like a new person every time you walk in the office.  Of course, he's an expert with the tools.

The spinal segment he adjusted for me today (C-something)

Dr. Fecht's diagnosis

Old-school and hyper-accurate blood pressure cuff (yes, it still has mercury in it)

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