Oct 6, 2012

Building Blocks are Back

Image from http://cpat-jacksonwhelan.netdna-ssl.com/

We all remember the big red and blue lettered building blocks from our childhood.  Legos.  Smooth stacking stones.

Well, today building blocks are back with a vengeance... and for adults!

These geometric wood blocks run from $150-$180 each, and are meant to be put on display.  Many are made from high-quality Douglas-fir, Red Gum, Cocobolo, and Kauri wood.  Check these minimalist pieces of design out: http://haleyannrobinson.com/

These ornate balancing blocks come in a colorful variety or a more 'zen' white version.  Each stone-shaped wood block comes in a different variety that can be stacked in a number of interesting ways.  Check these out at: http://areaware.com/proddetail.asp?prod=fsbb&CatID=0&clk=1

Wood gems, made using reclaimed wood from the Bay Area, are being used to make designs from speakers to ipad covers to desk gems.  Check some examples out here: http://couldhaveshouldhavewoodhave.tumblr.com/page/2

Images borrowed from Cassandra Daily.

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