Oct 3, 2012

ATC and Apple; Freeloading off Patents

Selfishness.  Freeloading.  Maybe these words are too harsh, but these concepts aren't unique to humans, they extend to corporate world.  Accredited Transcription Corp (ATC), a company formed in 2011, bought the rights to a wireless voice transcription patent.  Though the company is inactive (as in, it doesn't do anything), they are seeking royalties from Google, Apple, and Samsung for their advanced programs such as Siri, Google Voice, and S Voice.  If royalties are not granted, they will sue.

To me, it seems that actions like this are holding back technological advancement.  If Apple hadn't created Siri, this technology might be irrelevant and worthless.  ATC didn't put value in the technology, the other companies did.  It also seems selfish for a company to 'patent troll,' buying patents for the purpose of getting royalties from other companies' labor.

To read more, check out the article: http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/03/apples-siri-googles-voice-recognition-technology-targeted-by-patent-troll/

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