Mar 19, 2013

Better Your Best

Surfing is unique in that to fully embrace the sport, a surfer must immerse themselves in more than technical modifications to a jump shot or a curve ball.  Surfers have a special spiritual relationship with their sport and with the ocean.  Mickey Smith is a master at conveying this relationship, as you can see in my posts about Dark Side of the Lens and Esmerelda.

It just so happened that one of the partners of the company I work for, Mr. Peter Cline, had been tracking Mickey Smith when he was working with 180 Amsterdam.  He loved the work that Mickey had done with Dark Side of the Lens, and so hired him to direct a few spots for 180 Amsterdam's client Asics.  In Better Your Best, Mickey Allen creates the same connection he did with surfers and their sport with triathletes.  Enjoy the spot.


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