Jan 26, 2013

WikiCells Edible Food Membrane

We may not have machines like HAL, or the Star Trek food synthesizers with an automated gourmet chef hiding inside, but we are seeing some pretty cool modernizations in the food industry.  From my experiences in college lab settings, food and science aren't supposed to mix.  Don't try dipping a biscuit into a sulfate mixture.  Thankfully, we've got some rule breaks who developed WikiCells (though I'm still clueless as to the purpose of the 'Wiki' prefix).  Here's what design taxi has to say:

WikiCells are food and drink enclosed inside edible soft skins, that are made of food particles and held together by nutritive ions, so that users can eat the entire packaging (like grapes)—as an effort to reduce pollution accumulated from packaging of food. 

The self-contained shell is made from vegetal elements with a taste specifically paired to match the enclosed snack or beverage. The product has no limits in terms of contents, with the ability to hold anything from yogurts to mousses to ice cream suspended in a hard chocolate shell. Indeed, Edwards even introduced a WikiCocktail: Cointreau in a skin made of orange zest.

Imagine your morning bowl of cereal in one edible rice crispy Wiki-wrapper, milk and all.  Here are some photos from WikiCells:

WikiCells Edible Food Membrane
WikiCells Variety, you can see some spinach and bagel/cream cheese combinations
WikiCell ice cream and chocolate balls
WikiCells yogurt and fruit
WikiCells milk and cereal
WikiCells alcoholic lemon drink

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