Jan 27, 2013

Basic Flight Maneuvers

An especially funny Facebook post by my buddy Deeter, a friend from LMU who is now training as a Navy Pilot.  I'll concede that I'm quite jealous of what he gets to do!  Congrats, bro.  The BFM that he's referencing stands for Basic Fighter Maneuvers. To take a quote from Wikipedia...

BFMs are tactical movements performed by fighter aircraft during air combat maneuvering (also called ACM, or dogfighting), in order to gain a positional advantage over the opponent. BFM combines the fundamentals of aerodynamic flight and the geometry of pursuit with the physics of managing the aircraft's energy-to-weight ratio, called its specific energy. Maneuvers are used to gain a better angular position in relation to the opponent. They can be offensive, to help an attacker get behind an enemy, or defensive, to help the defender evade an attacker's weapons. They can also be neutral, where both opponents strive for an offensive position, or disengagement maneuvers, to help facilitate an escape.

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