Dec 4, 2012

No Kidding Around [infographic]

Education is expensive. As a recent college grad with a shiny, expensive diploma, I realize that my four years of studying (and eating tiffs treats and torchys) were important and expensive. Having a degree opens doors, provides you with opportunity, and refines your taste for tacos. While I appreciate my college degree, my time in daycare isn’t so well remembered. I know that my time in daycare allowed my mom to go back to work, that I learned the “Rockin’ Robin” song in music class, and that my little brother needed my constant attention once he was old enough to attend.

Daycare costs are rising quickly, and eclipsing the cost of four-year public education at a college or university. In some cities, namely Washington DC, the cost of chid care is $10,000 more than the cost of a public college education. This places a huge burden on working parents. American children spend an average of 35 hours in child care a week. With my recent-grad salary, I am thankful to not be looking for child care, but the rising cost of child care is a burden to many. Are you paying high amounts for child care? Have you found ways to save money, while staying at work? We would love your insights! [Via]

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