Mar 3, 2012

Father-Son Bonding Trip to Big Sur

A Moment in The Life of a Father And Son on their trip to Big Sur.

I'm back in town for the weekend, and I may have re-torn my labrum surfing yesterday.  I'll probably be out of commission for a few months and might need surgery, so I needed to find something to do other than surfing (this is much harder than you might imagine for those of us that use it as an instrument for relaxation, exertion, and entertainment).  My dad is taking the same digital photography class taught by Dorian Hanner that I took over summer, and he has an assignment to take landscapes.  I decided to accompany him to Big Sur to shoot some, but  I didn't have my camera so I used my iPhone 4S to shoot these.

We drove out along the windy coast road in his blue BMW 135i with my camera out the window, starring intently in search of the best locations to shoot.  We stopped at some of the turn offs without speaking, as if we knew where to get the best photos instinctively.  We hardly had time to talk because we were so concentrated on getting the best shots from similar vantage points as all the tourists in the area; how could we make our photos unique amidst thousands of similar photos taken at the same place everyday?

Well, I can't speak for my dad (teaching an old guy to take photos is no piece of cake), but I think my photos came out pretty well considering they were taken on my phone.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think.

Beautiful Landscape in Big Sur

Garrapata Beach in Big Sur with some good waves for surfing

Beautiful teal water by Bixby Bridge in Big Sur with a cool rock tunnel

The Man himself attempting to take landscapes

A big rock next to the waves at Garrapata in Big Sur

Surf at Garrapata in Big Sur

Interesting chromatic aberrations from my iPhone at Garrapata in Big Sur

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