Aug 13, 2011

Trip to Castles Surf Spot

A Trip to Castles Surf Spot.  We did it by accident.  We were looking for surf in Big Sur, when we decided to make the 90 mile trip from Carmel to Hearst Castle.  Out front, there's a great surf spot, Castles.  On the way we had some adventures.  Enjoy the photos...

Erik Bensberg unhappily filling up the gas tank

Erik Bensberg checking the surf

Trees in front of Deetjens in Big Sur

Erik Bensberg in his usual pose on his Volvo

Erik Bensberg walking around Deetjens

Foggy Highway 1 in Big Sur

Rock with Moss

Highway 1 Big Sur
Kite Surfer at Castles Surf Spot

Cars at Castles Surf Spot

Here is a South African Surfer that we met on the way.  He was a really cool guy with a truck full of boards.

Truck full of surfboards

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