Aug 2, 2011

Surf Hostel Biarritz Part 1

The Surf Hostel Biarritz made my trip. Not only is it an amazing facility (it's literally a house converted into a hostel), but the location is right near the beach, the people who work there are incredibly friendly, and the other guests at the hostel are more than willing to surf and explore together. I got to the hostel a few days before it officially opened, and I had a great experience. Every morning, there is breakfast ready to be eaten. For me, Chloe, Powell, Joel, Jonno, and a few others switched off whipping up scrumptious meals in the morning.

Here are a few introductory shots to the Surf Hostel Biarritz...

Surf Hostel Biarritz Kitchen

Surf Hostel Biarritz Laundry Room

Surf Hostel Biarritz Movie Room

Surf Hostel Biarritz Upstairs Rooms

Surf Hostel Biarritz Stairs

Surf Hostel Biarritz Surfboards

Surf Hostel Biarritz Surfboards

Surf Hostel Biarritz Upstairs

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