Sep 24, 2012

3000 Piece Puzzle

Puzzles aren't planned.  They come and they go, many times on a whim.  So, a few weeks back when Shawn Bohigian decided to enlighten me by taking me to the 'Puzzle Zoo' in Santa Monica, I wasn't expecting to make a purchase.  She bought a puzzle and some pin-sized rubber animals, i noted the existence of a 25,000 piece puzzle, and we left. 

However, I had my eye on the wonderland puzzle, as I called it.  I think that many on acid trips would find this puzzle appealing.  Me, I just have unique taste.  About a week after my initial visit to Puzzle Zoo, I dragged my girlfriend MacKenzie to make the purchase.  $55 for a puzzle is a little steep, but I had to have it.

And so began the adventures of the Educa 3000 piece puzzle... Wonderland... 

Day 1: Border finished

Day 2, lots of sorting

Day 3, little progress and lots of sorting.  Getting started on the animals.

Day 4, more animals and the start of Saturn.

Day 5, though disaster struck (my garbage disposal fell out of my full sink) and wet the puzzle, progress has been made.  Lots of balloons and fish (thanks MacKenzie).

Day 6.5, I forgot to take a picture on Day 6 but here it is halfway through 7.  Lots of progress on the sailboats, and space.

More to come soon...

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  1. love the toes in 6.5! so glad you rescued it from the garbage disposal disaster!

  2. Whoops! Didn't notice those were in there. Good catch, Esme.