Jul 18, 2011

Vibrant Purple Flowers

Here is a photo of some vibrant flowers by Big Sur River Inn.  The color of this photo is unedited...

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  1. Hello Eli,

    How are you? Do I have Alzheimer's or did you change the title to your blog?

    I love your photos and the colors to the flowers above. What stories can you tell me about Lime Kiln Creek?

    I anticipate photos at Hearst Castle. Even if not allowed, I believe you'd be able to take some. Thanks for sharing your artistry with your readers---they're a pleasure to the eye.

  2. Hey Paul! You're absolutely correct, I did change my blog title. I thought that it was more fitting for what I'm doing now.

    Why is the name Lime Kiln Creek so familiar? Is that in Big Sur?

    I was actually planning on going to Hearst Castle soon, so I hope to be able to snap some photos... they really ban all photos inside?

    How are you doing? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you! It really looks like that, it's amazing.